Say Something for Love!

What makes a person interesting to you? Is it the way they look? Is it what they do? Is it where they’ve been or what they believe in? Does what a person say make you more interested in them or is it the way they say it? Chances are it’s a combination of the above plus a lot more. The point is that there are a lot of things that attract many different types of people and if you’re looking for a relationship with someone worthy of your company you had better be paying attention to how you plan on attracting them.

Online dating is a unique way to meet people. The vast majority of people look at your picture first and then they might look at what you’ve written. That’s the order it will go in so if you don’t have a picture, you need to get one! Beyond that, it comes down to words. I can’t say for certain what it is that you’re attracted to or what the rest of the world is after, but for me, I know that any person I connect with will read. I want them to read. It says something about the type of person they are. This means that what I convey through my profile, instant messaging or email correspondence becomes extremely important. Continue reading